Absurd vehicles markups are nothing new. We've seen it recently with the Toyota Supra, and before that, with the Dodge Challenger Demon. Now, we're seeing it with the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. As the 760-horsepower (567-kilowatt) super coupe rolls out of the factory and onto the streets, some Ford dealerships are asking absurd prices.

Ford Authority found a dealership in Sterling, Virginia that wants $145,890 for the Shelby Mustang. Remember, the GT500 starts at just $70,300. The nicely loaded example, with options like the carbon fiber track package, the technology package, the $10,000 painted stripes, and a few more, gets a $40,000 markup after checking off options. But it gets worse.

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Insanity? Dealership Asking Up To $170,000 For A New Shelby GT500

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