When you hear people who have bought an electric vehicle talk, one of the first things they love to brag about is how they get to charge their cars FOR FREE.

We've all heard it. "I drive my car to work and there is free charging so I don't pay a dime anymore for gas. I'm so smart for buying an EV."

Well, in many places, it's not so easy to charge your car for free,

So businesses are propping up to provide fast charging for a fee.

A new one is called EVgo and we're sure many others are in the works.

And based on our research a 45 minute fast charge will cost around $15.00.

Guesstimating that the charge gives you about 150-200 miles of range, doesn't that almost equal the same cost of a reasonable efficient gas powered car?

So we have two key questions for you....

1. How important is FREE charging access to your decision of considering or buying an EV?
2. What is the advantage of going EV?

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How Much Does FREE Charging Station Access Make In Your Decision To Go Electric Vs. Staying With Gasoline Power?

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