In today's reality TV, social media, tweeting insult world it seems even the companies that USED to live by a mantra to never go to the gutter, are jumping into the mud.

Take the latest stunt from BMW.

It looks like they are trying to insult Tesla with a series of tweets that seem to make fun of Elon tweeting how many reservations he has of CyberTruck.

They tweeted 100 times that they have sold over 500k electrified vehicles.

"The BMW group has already delivered 500,000 electrified cars worldwide."

Just so you know my car ownership background, I've owned over 30 BMW's in my life but none since an X1 a few years ago.

You may ask why?

Well, I used to lust for their products but right now they make NOTHING that moves me whatsoever.

I'm not the only one...many think they've totally lost their way. Dealers are telling us things are DIRE in the sales department. Tesla has been CRUSHING their once stellar image. If BMW were a smartphone, they'd be the Blackberry and Tesla, the iPhone.

It seems like the internal panic is starting to reverberate into social media judging by this bush league move.

And from our perspective, when we see companies make moves like this, it brings NO ONE to their brand. It just shows the competition has gotten under their skin.

Just a suggestion BMW...How about building products that grab peoples emotions as well as top Tesla's tech capabilities.

Ahh, but that's not so easy is it? It seems what we're finding out that in the driving dynamics area, BMW has plenty of people who are good at that, but not so good in tech and future product.

So we ask Spies...Do moves like this HELP or HURT them?

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Do STUNTS Like BMW Did Slamming Tesla HELP Or HURT Attracting Actual Customers? Or Does It Make Them Look DESPERATE??

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