Over the years at AutoSpies we've done our best to illuminate the macro trends impacting the greater automotive industry. Sometimes it's related to color(s), other times it is related to modifications and other times it may relate to technology.

Unlike the other publications that are afraid of their shadow and aren't willing to put their neck on the line, we shine a light on what's coming down the 'pike based on our contacts and observations.

And something new has been bubbling up over the past 24 months. As buyers shift from sporting intentions to utility, there's clearly a greater emphasis on vehicles that can "do anything." In some extreme cases, they're expected to actually become all a person needs to survive.

Can you say, #VanLife?

When we say apocalyptic, we mean it in several ways. Tesla's Cybertruck is a heavy-duty product — assuming it lives up to its claims — that is incredibly over the top in terms of its design and seems like it belongs in the opening sequence of Terminator 2. A fully kitted out Sprinter that can serve as a mobile living quarters in a disaster and can do light off-roading is a survivalist's wet dream. Then we have normal products that are equipped to tackle the most challenging elements but are rooted in reality — this would be your 4X4 Jeep Wranglers, Ford Broncos, etc.

Having said all that, we were curious: Is the next great automotive design trend related to an apocalyptic theme?

What say you, Spies?

Is The NEXT Great Automotive Design Trend Apocalyptic?

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