Of all the automakers, it seems like Porsche is one of the better ones when it comes to its color palette. That's because the boys and girls from Stuttgart offer their product in a wide array of colors.

Mind you I am talking about the usual colors available at a relatively nominal cost.

Being Porsche, however, you can essentially paint your car whatever you'd like. That's where the Paint to Sample program comes into play. Just the other day I saw Jerry Seinfeld's 911 GT3 RS with the wing delete painted an exclusive $173K color.

A rather famous color that's been used on previous Porsche vehicles is Maritime. And while it's worked on models like the 964, I am not so sure about it on the 991.

See what I mean, below. Agent 001 spotted this Maritime 991 Cabriolet in SoCal with color-matched wheels. It's a bit much, no?

Having said that, we were wondering: WHICH Porsche colors are YOU a fan of? Feel free to get model specific as certain colors don't translate to each and every model.

Porsche Has A LOT Of Great Colors. This Is NOT One Of Them...

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