According to the latest reports of outlets who attended the launch of the 2020 Toyota Highlander, something else is in the works. As expected, the automaker is keeping its mouth shut.

Until now there haven't been any all-new spy shots to indicate a new vehicle is on the way. In fact, it could be a snoozer as some of Toyota's team admitted it's going to be a low key reveal.

Could it be a revised Sienna?

Could it be a revised Tacoma?

Could it be a fully electrified RAV4?

Looking at the Toyota product portfolio and after remembering that the Chicago Auto Show skews towards trucks and vans, we were curious: Is there ANY idea or vehicle you have in mind to further boost Toyota's sales?

And, if so, what do YOU think will show up in the Windy City?

RUMOR: Toyota's Bringing Something NEW To The 2020 Chicago Auto Show, What Do YOU Think It Can Be?

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