The beautiful thing about the technology industry is that small, disruptive companies come along and eventually unseat the big dogs. The reality is that the bigger and older technology companies get, the further removed they are from delivering excellent, best-in-class products. At a certain point, it becomes a sales race and innovation suffers.

The same can definitely be said of the automotive industry — it's so archaic in a multitude of ways (it's not just related to product).

So when we see upstarts come to the fore with great ideas, we embrace them. Sometimes we mess up too and miss them.

A Christmas surprise came to us today in form of a Rivian tweet. In it, a video was embedded showcasing a new feature called "tank turn."

Information is slim at the moment but it appears it leverages the power of its quad-motor setup to literally spin the vehicle around. Tanks, which are equipped with treads, are known for their ability to turn on a dime in just about any terrain.

Are you enjoying this as much as we are?

VIDEO: Rivian BLOWS Our Mind With This Feature Seen For The FIRST Time

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