Building cars is a passion that many people around the globe share. With it comes a sense of ownership and accomplishment the makes a project truly feel like it's yours. A father and son duo have taken the word "build" quite literally after they decided to construct a replica Lamborghini Aventador by 3D printing it.

Word traveled to Italy where the automaker itself learned of the family's feat and showed up to their doorstep in Colorado with the real deal for ChristmasIn the dead of night, Lamborghini's team made their way to the home of physicist and adjunct college professor Sterling Backus to swap out his 3D printed project car for a real Aventador. The next morning, he happily revealed the secret to his 12-year-old son, Xander, who is helping him build the project, joking that he "finally got it done".

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Lamborghini Assists Father And Son Team In Building A 3D Printed Aventador

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