Although I am sure the readers of AutoSpies had a happy and healthy Christmas filled with automotive-related gifts, I am thinking that the well-known rapper 50Cent just checkmated us all. That's because he just picked up his Christmas gift.

It's an all-new, 2020 Bugatti Chiron.

Frankly, not much tops that. With a multi-million dollar price tag, 16 cylinders, way more power and luxury than one could ask for, Curtis Jackson is through the roof. We know that because he posted a couple videos to his Twitter account showing him take delivery of his latest whip.

Fun fact: He also has a matte orange and brushed aluminum Roll-Royce Cullinan. At the moment it's unclear if that's paint or simply a wrap. I was wondering who it was driving THAT Cullinan just the other day on the main drag in New Jersey.

Check out 50's latest acquisition, below.

Rapper 50Cent Is A Good Boy For 2019, Gets An All-new Bugatti Chiron For Christmas...

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