If there's one thing that's quick to pick up on in the automotive world, it's not to get too sold on a concept vehicle's design. That's because it almost always gets watered down.

Some manufacturers do it better than others.

2019 LA Auto Show

Frankly, some automakers don't even come close to delivering on the greatness of their concepts. General Motors comes to mind. Believe me, there's more offenders.

That said, the Hyundai team showed us something especially cool at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show. That would be the Vision T concept. Essentially, this is a preview of the next-gen Tucson we've spotted undergoing research and development testing.

So, just how will it look when it comes to reality? This is where an automotive Photoshop artist steps into the picture. Russian-based Aksyonov Nikita delivered the goods.

What do YOU think?

2019 LA Auto Show

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