While parsing the latest auto-related news, I came across something interesting. That would be an annual study from the folks at CarMD.

Its 2019 study just published recently and I walked through the details.

What I found most shocking were the top two brands it found most reliable: Mercedes and Mitsubishi, respectively. These are not two brands that I'd consider leaders in the reliability game.

But, it MUST be noted that we're only measuring each based on one simple metric: Which makes are least likely to have a Check Engine Light (CEL) come on. That's kind of narrow and I don't think that's necessarily a great indicator of reliability. It does make for a great headline though.

That said, you can read CarMD's press release on the matter below. And, in addition, if you click "Read Article," below you can read what amounts to an executive summary of its findings.

What do YOU make of the results, Spies?

**READ CarMD's press release HERE!.

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Would YOU Believe It IF Someone Told You That Mercedes And Mitsubishi Are LEADING The Auto Industry In Reliability?

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