If you spend upwards of $60,000 for an automobile, one would think that it would work quite well, right? WRONG!

At least this was the case for Car and Driver's long-term test Tesla Model 3.

After over 5,200 miles on Christmas Day, one of C&D's staffers had the vehicle out and about. It was during a stopover at their parent's house — just outside of Detroit — that the vehicle sent a push notification alerting them that there was a failure and the car would no longer drive. Helluva stocking stuffer, eh?

Within 30 minutes, Tesla sent a tow truck and took the non-functioning Model 3 to the nearest service center. Toledo, Ohio. Now without a car, the staffer was not provided a loaner or Uber credits. Basically, you're on your own and S-O-L.

According to C&D this was rectified once it published a story. Coincidentally, within three hours after the original post was made "live" on December 30, it received a buzz from the Toledo service center. Now it has been offered a loaner vehicle and $100/day in Uber credits while its Model 3 is in the shop. Parts are on the way and pick up is slated for January 2.

What do YOU make of this whole situation, Spies?

Whatever you call the opposite of a Christmas miracle befell our long-term Model 3 last Wednesday. Our staff photographer, Michael Simari, was at his parents' home for a holiday gathering in suburban Detroit with the Model 3 parked outside when he received an ominous push notification from the Tesla app that the car had "suffered a failure and will no longer drive." Welcome to the connected, digital era of automobiles?

Not only is this the first time we've ever had a long-term car suffer a catastrophic failure while parked, it's also an extraordinarily rare case of any car leaving us stranded, something unacceptable for any new vehicle, particularly one that costs $57,690 and with merely 5286 miles on the odometer. Even our
problem-prone Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio was at least able to limp to the dealer following each one of its numerous issues...

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Car And Driver's Long-term Test Of A Tesla Model 3 Comes To An Abrupt End As It Goes Kaput On Christmas Day

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