We're thinking the Ford team is either ecstatic or completely pissed off. That's because over the past 24 or so hours, there's been not one but now TWO leaks.

The first leak featured a supposed employee who is intimately involved with the all-new Ford Bronco project showing off the vehicle's headlight.

**SEE the leaked image of the all-new Ford Bronco's headlight HERE!

Today, we've got another leak. This one's quite a bit different as it has to do with the "baby" Bronco.

An image of a mold that shows the entire front grille insert as well as headlights has made its way online. This isn't the actual front grille and headlights as it's just a piece of plastic. However, this definitely illustrates how it will look when this production piece is made.

This clearly differentiates the "baby" Bronco and the real-deal variant.

NOTE: See the Bronco stamping in the grille?

[This is the Baby Bronco's front grille and headlights. Note you can see the BRONCO stamping in the grille].

The grille insert confirms that the Baby Bronco is probably going to have wider oval shaped headlights (compared to the leaked regular Bronco model's headlights). Not crazy about the 'C=' shape, but at least it's close enough to the classic sealed beam look. Back to the drawing board, must tweak the renders...

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LEAKED! FIRST Image Of Ford's

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