I have to say, even I didn't realize just how long it takes to get the stars aligned to spec and take delivery of an all-new Bugatti. Now we get to see just a bit of how it goes down.

That's because Manny Khoshbin has, more or less, opened the kimono.

Taking delivery of an all-new Chiron that he specified with special Hermes touches, it's a bit of a callback to the Veyron, which had an Hermes edition. I never quite understood why Bugatti leaned on Hermes as its own brand is so strong but, hey, gotta move units.

Painted a vanilla-like chalk white, Khoshbin's Chiron is unlike any other we've seen to date. Sure, Post Malone's is similar but if you look closer you'll see there's a slew of unique touches that make THIS Chiron stand out.

Check out the motif carried out on the door cards, elsewhere inside the cockpit and even on the bottom of the rear spoiler/air brake.

VIDEO: Have YOU Ever Wondered What It's Like To Take Delivery Of An All-new, Multi-million Dollar Bugatti Chiron? Well, Here You Go...

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