Charging electric vehicle batteries is a task that is universal for all EV owners. Electric car makers across different brands have placed their own flourish to make their EV charging system unique, such as Tesla’s lighted indicators for the Model S, X, and Model 3. Electric truck maker Rivian aims to do the same thing, and if a recent patent application is any indication, it appears that the company is looking to make its battery charging indicators extra-convenient and creative at the same time.

There are times when electric car owners will find it difficult to determine the status of their vehicle while its batteries are charging. This is especially true during long trips, when vehicles are parked at public charging stations. If an owner is getting a bite or having a cup of coffee at a cafe, for example, it would be difficult to determine if the vehicle is done charging. Mobile apps showing the status of a vehicle are great, but it would be extra convenient if owners are able to see the status of a charging vehicle at a glance.

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Rivian Makes Charging Status Obvious At A Glance

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