The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just around the corner. And as we've seen the groundswell over the past handful of years, it's become more of an event for the automotive manufacturers.

It's a no brainer given how much consumer technology and innovation is being packed into today's autos. Something also tells us that many folks are happier to be in sunny, warm Las Vegas rather than the bitter cold of Detroit.

The team at Mercedes-Benz have freshly teased a vehicle that will appear at CES 2020. With an illuminated light bar, we're thinking this will be a concept from the company's electric vehicle team. There's also been a mention about unique/trendsetting features.

Considering Daimler's CEO will be presenting a keynote related to the future interaction between man and machine, we're thinking it will play into that.

Check out the clip released via Twitter yesterday, below!

#CES: TEASED! Mercedes-Benz Gives Us A Glimpse Of SOMETHING But We're NOT Entirely Sure What To Expect...

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