If you're in market for an all-new, luxury sport-utility vehicle it's a busy place to be shopping. There's just so many different options and the matrix of possibilities gets dense quick.

You really need to take your time, do your research and, frankly, experience each of your candidates.

One we've been pretty enthused about is the all-new Lincoln Aviator. Featuring a slew of excellent features and coming off the staggeringly good Navigator, we're feeling quite positive about Lincoln's products to date. There's just one catch: If you're not careful, the prices can get awfully steep — we're talking about the Black Label trims.

So, how does it do? See what our friends at Kelley Blue Book think in the clip below!

There's a first time for everything. This is the Lincoln Aviator's first time rolling into the midsize three-row SUV segment. Hello, newbie. Lincoln's pulling off some major wins these days, so let's see if the Aviator stacks up to the all-American hype.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: The KBB Team Dishes On The 2020 Lincoln Aviator — Is It The REAL DEAL?

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