After just writing about the 2020 Lincoln Aviator, I think I made it clear that the luxury sport-utility vehicle market is quite hot with a tremendous amount of competition. Well, here's two other offerings to add to the fire.

That would be the Lexus RX L and Volvo XC90.

Both take two completely different approaches to solving buyer's dilemmas. The Lexus takes a more traditional approach and its cockpit displays that. The Volvo, on the other hand, features a far more sophisticated design with its iPad-like infotainment display.

Ultimately though, we want to know which — of the two — is the better buy. The team at Auto Express recently put them together in a head-to-head situation to see what's what. Its verdict is below.

That said, we want to know: WHICH SUV are YOU taking home? The Lexus RX L or the Volvo XC90?

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First place: Volvo XC90

It’s worth paying the extra for the XC90 T8’s plug-in capability because the efficiency potential and running costs advantages outweigh this for business users and private buyers. It’s more efficient on paper and in the real world, while R-Design gets enough kit. It’s a shame you have to pay for a few extras, but otherwise, the more efficient, more spacious XC90 is the more convincing hybrid seven-seat SUV. 

Second place: Lexus RX

The new RX L is a little better. Connectivity advances have added to its appeal, but the infotainment system is still poor. The car is also slightly more comfortable and slightly better to drive. We can’t fault the quality or kit, but as a seven-seat hybrid SUV, it’s not as versatile as the Volvo when it comes to efficiency and practicality. However, it’s still a usefully economical machine that’s nicely refined.

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SUV WARS! In The Battle Of The Lexus RX L And Volvo XC90, WHICH Are YOU Taking Home?

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