I remember the launch of the Tesla CyberTruck like it was yesterday. From Elon Musk's inarticulate rambling to the first sight of the CyberTruck to the informercial-like demos to the broken glass, it was one for the history books.

And even though its design is hideous — in my eyes — and the executive communications were a total nightmare, Tesla STILL raked in over 200,000, $100 hand raisers in short order. Obviously the commitment is low but it's still a big number of folks interested in a product that will cost anywhere from $39,900-$69,900 — likely more given Tesla's history.

I am pretty sure the Harvard Business School (HBS) will do a case study on this at some point. It's remarkable.

While I find the CyberTruck's design utterly detestable, I will admit one thing. Every other vehicle's reveal since has been so completely predictable and, frankly, boring. The roll out of the all-new Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban were total snoozers. The first images of the Genesis GV80 has me saying "Who cares?"

Long story short, it seems more people are coming around to the CyberTruck's polarizing design. This means that traditional automakers are going to have to push the boundaries a bit more as it is.

BUT, if the CyberTruck turns out to be a runaway hit, they will have NO CHOICE but to play catch up. Having said that, HOW do YOU think the traditional manufacturers will respond with their respective designs?

If Tesla's CyberTruck Is A Big Hit, HOW Will The Traditional Car Companies Respond With Its Designs?

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