Every now and then, someone comes out of the blue and makes a splashy surprise. These days it's pretty uncommon.

That's because auto manufacturers typically test their vehicles out and in the open. And they play a bit of a public relations "game."

2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

In recent hours though, that all changed. That's because Sony unveiled an electric vehicle called the Vision-S. No one even noted that Sony was working on this project. So, it's a bit perplexing at the moment.

Is it simply a concept to show the ways Sony can partner with other vendors to create an amazing product? Is it an actual vehicle that Sony intends to ship? Is it merely just an exploration?

We do not know. And no one else has the answers, either. That's because it was revealed during the tail-end of Sony's press conference and details were extremely vague.

What we do know:

  • The Vision-S makes use of 33 different sensors inside/outside the car
  • It features multiple widescreen displays
  • It uses cameras for its side view mirrors
  • Features "always on" connectivity
  • Powered by a "newly designed EV platform," built by Magna
  • The powertrain can power other vehicle types (e.g., sport-utility vehicles)
  • It features technology from other suppliers, like Blackberry, Bosch and others
While we're still scratching our heads, we've got to ask: Do YOU think the Sony Vision-S is a STUD or DUD?

2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

#CES: SURPRISE! NO ONE Expected Sony To Reveal Its Vision-S EV — Is It A STUD or DUD?

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