Ford’s plan to kill off its cars has been a perplexing thing since news of it came out in early 2018, and remains so nearly two years later. That’s underscored by Ford’s own sales reports, because even as crossover and SUV sales continue to skyrocket, the Ford Fusion sedan still pours out of the dealership lot.

The Fusion, the last we heard, will live through at least 2021 before it becomes a victim of Ford’s carpocalypse—a killing of Ford’s cars, which will spare the Mustang, as a result of the demand for crossovers, trucks and SUVs. But Ford announced its annual 2019 sales on Monday, and Fusion numbers are still remarkable in both the context of Ford’s lineup and in comparison to other sedans on the market.

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Lunacy? Ford Still Plans To Axe The Fusion Despite Doing Well In The Segment With Over 166,000 Sales

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