Although there's a bunch of different hypercars to choose from today, it's pretty hard to top the work by Volkswagen's Bugatti. Why?

Well, its vehicles just drip excess. From their respective powertrains to the interior accoutrements, no one does it quite the same.

It reminds me of the work done on the McLaren F1 just Bugatti has absolutely NO regard for weight.

Having said all of that, the company recently issued a teaser. Masked with darkness, not even brightening up the image shows anything relevant. Overall it boasts an silhouette similar to the Chiron; however, there are some peculiar cues that leave us questioning what Bugatti has here.

Check out the outline of what may be a headlight, which looks a bit EB110-inspired, underneath the cover. See the narrow headlight working its way up the fender that evokes the Centrodieci? Lastly, is that a fog light in the bottom right-hand corner of the front valence?

What say you, Spies? What do YOU think Bugatti is readying for a reveal?

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TEASED! What Is Bugatti Working On NOW? Mystery Car Uses The Dark To Cloak Itself...

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