With folks in the entertainment industry, you don't really know if they're an enthusiast. Most of the time it's folks putting it on for the camera.

It's all about image in tinseltown.

This explains why 50 Cent infamously used a well-known Ferrari collector's fleet for the taping of his episode of Cribs. He claimed they were his but everyone in the New York Tri-state auto community knew the real deal.

But every now and then, we're surprised. While I've heard about singer and songwriter Frank Ocean being a car enthusiast, I didn't quite understand the level. I thought he just featured some E30 BMWs in videos and that was that.

Turns out he was bitten by the bug and now has "the sickness," as I call it. Need proof?

Below is an Instagram post of one Ocean's rides. It's a fully rebuilt BMW E30 M3 that uses an S52 engine — we can't be sure if it's the EU spec or not — and is aided by a turbocharger.

After doing a bit of digging I came across a thread dating back to 2013 when a shop was given orders to build out six vehicles for Ocean — three E30s and three E46s. While it doesn't detail the full builds, you get an idea of the level of detail quick.

All that said, it's safe to say he's one of us!

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If You Don't Know, Now You Know. Frank Ocean Is DEFINITELY One Of Us. His EXTREME BMW E30 M3 Is UNLIKE The Others...

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