The Volkswagen Golf is one of the world's most important vehicles. Although it's a no brainer that small cars have taken a bit of a hit over the past 24 months, they're still critical in urban environments as well as for drivers looking for an economical choice.

I know. I own one for daily driving duties in and out of Manhattan.

Now in its eighth generation, the all-new VW Golf is rife with technology. Frankly, it makes my 2012 MK6 Golf look like a Lotus Elise. That's because my car is simple and straightforward.

The MK8, however, looks more akin to a Mercedes-Benz A-Class/CLA-Class with the use of two massive screens — one for the instrument panel and another for infotainment.

At the end of the day, we only care about one thing though: Is it any good?

Watch Rory Reid break it down for you, below.

Here's our review of the new 2020 VW Golf, the 8th generation model. Here we'll talk you through the interior, exterior, boot space, as well as the amazing new technology (including car2x and new touchscreens) and let you know whether it's worth buying.

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