Spies. We have to have a talk. No, it won't be as awkward as the one you had with your parents about the birds and the bees.

This one is a bit different.

We've been chewing on this one for a bit. Although we're all for personalization, customization and making one's vehicle stand out, it seems that it becomes illogical at a certain point.

Most folks understand that with any modification, you'll essentially NEVER see that money come back.

So WHY would one take a Jeep Wrangler, and spend the cost of the vehicle on aftermarket parts, to turn it into a FrankenJeep? WHY would the owner of a standard BMW 3-Series spend boatloads of cash to turn their 330i into an M3? You can just go and buy an M3, which in some cases, will cost LESS.

Help us understand, Spies! How does THIS car guy's mind work?

INSIDE The Car Guy Mind: WHY Do You Do ALL This When You Could Just Go Buy A Ford Raptor? For LESS.

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