Read virtually any mainstream media site when they write about cars and most likely the focus will be on EV's or associating autos with global warming/climate change.

And if you do find stories about non ev's it's usually some ridiculous feature on a muscle car with 7 million horsepower that no regular customer will ever own.

In other words finding good, passionate article about vehicles that most should really know about.

There are a LOT of super rides both cars AND trucks that get hardly any media love.

Yet, the companies that make those are usually the biggest advertisers in the media. Print, internet and TV.

Is it any wonder that so many good products aren't selling and/or on the way out.

So our question tonight is...Is the biggest ENEMY to the mainstream future of NON-EV products the MEDIA?

And if so, WHY are the car companies RACING to help them HURT their businesses?

Spies discuss...

Is The Media The ENEMY That Is Responsible For DESTROYING The NON-EV Car Business?

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