Spring 2020 is rapidly approaching and I am excited. Not only because these teen temperatures will rise in the New York Tri-state region but also because we're going to see a number of debuts.

At the top of the list is the all-new Ford Bronco.

But that's not all Ford has coming down the 'pike. We're also eagerly awaiting the all-new F-Series. You know, the nation's number one selling pick-up truck.

Ford really took the pick-up game to another level with its current-gen product. Does it have more in the tank? We certainly hope so. The Blue Oval needs to keep delivering innovation to this class, which has the RAM starting to deliver a competitive package and buyers from all walks of life seeking MORE from their trucks.

One Photoshop artist, TheSketchMonkey, is well-known for his editing chops. Back in Q4 2019 he put together a video showing a glimpse of what might be possible for the next-gen F-150. Sporting a more squared-off look, it is much more masculine than what currently exists. In fact, you may notice it actually bears some resemblance to what's being imagined for the all-new Bronco.

This lines up with the latest rumors that are suggesting the all-new F-150 will receive some Bronco cues. Ford's looking to "beef up" its truck lineup and taking some creative license from the Bronco would be a smart strategic design move.

There have been numerous spy photos of the next generation Ford F-150 circulating the Internet. What will the 2021 Ford F-150 look like? Let’s find out.

RENDERED SPECULATION: Is The 2021 Ford F-150 About To Get BRONCO-fied?

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