One thing I truly love about social media is the ability to surface things that have fallen by the wayside or were totally forgotten. In addition, it brings together niche communities together — sometimes they're downright weird but that's OK.

On Instagram there's a slew of great accounts that are automotive related. But it's not all about horsepower, stance, wheels or drifting. There's dedicated accounts for just about everything you can imagine.

There's accounts for "great" specifications, celebrating autos painted purple, and one of my favorites that I just started following only shows Ferrari vehicles without shields on the fenders. It gets nerdy quick.

If you really want a dose of nostalgia though, some of the best accounts showcase vintage automotive advertisements.

Recently, i started leafing through the posts and I found it completely fascinating. The ads were rich, creative, fun and witty. When you compare them to today's advertisements that are far more rooted in virtue signaling and corporate social responsibility, they blow them away. It's not even close.

Having said that, the Super Bowl is just around the corner, which is one of the biggest marketing events of the year. IF you were advising the marketing department of a major automaker, what would YOU tell them to change or inject into this year's multi-million dollar spots?

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Daihatsu ad from 1996.

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With The SUPER BOWL Of Automotive Advertising Around The Corner, What Should Brands CHANGE?

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