In recent years, it's been astonishing to see the products put out by Singer. For those of you who have been on another planet over the past several years, Singer is the company that takes 911s and turns them into vintage-inspired monsters.

Part Porsche, part retromod, part modern GT3, these vehicles are exceptional. Simply put, they're the thing automotive enthusiasts' dreams are made of.

That's because as Singer's motto goes, "everything matters."

From the choice in the engine used to the type of carbon fiber-back seats to the stitching to the engine compartment to the carpeting, Singer pays attention to all the little details. This results in what I call "automotive pornography."

If you haven't had the chance to get up close and personal with a Singer 911, well, now's your chance. Experience it, below.

VIDEO: So, What's It Like To OWN A Singer 911?

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