As a friend of the automotive enthusiast communities, we consider AutoSpies a big proponent of owners taking their rides and making them unique. Even if once and a while there's a head scratcher.

Then, every once and a while we see something a bit more far out. Something a bit more bold, shall we say?

One of those days was today.

That's because at a local Cars & Coffee Agent 001 spotted a Bentley Mulsanne unlike any other we've seen before. Wrapped a shade of iridescent bronze, it shifts in the light to a purple-ish bordeaux. In addition to this, the Mulsanne also was shod with an aftermarket wheel and tire package that we're pretty sure the team in Crewe would have never imagined.

That said, we've got to ask: Is this Bentley a wrapper's DELIGHT or FRIGHT?

WHY THO? Wrappers DELIGHT or FRIGHT? Is This Bentley Giving You Douche Chills?

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