Earlier this week, a leaked photo of the updated Mercedes-AMG E63 made its way online. But it wasn't parked out in the open or being transported. This time it was nabbed on what appears to be a factory floor or some sort of preparation facility.

This isn't too common, especially as automakers have stepped up their security protocol around upcoming products.

Well, guess what? Somehow, someway even more shots have found their way to the interwebz. As you'd suspect, we're happy to show them to you.

While we've seen the E63 from the back, this time we've got a snap of its updated front grille that aligns with the latest AMG models. That means it too will get the Panamericana treatment — click "Read Article" below for the full image.

In addition to that, this Spy sneaked a shot of the standard E-Class' front facade — see below.

Details pertaining to both 2021 Mercedes models should be forthcoming soon. We'll keep our eyes peeled, Spies!

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LEAKED! MORE Pictures Of The REFRESHED, 2021 Mercedes E-Class And E63 Give YOU The BEST Look Yet...

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