When the current-gen Mercedes-Benz C-Class made its debut, it was a class leader. It took the bull by the horns, disrupted the BMW 3-Series and put the Audi A4 to bed.

Eventually, however, buyers turned away from it. Long in the tooth and short on space, it hasn't been exactly what folks are looking for today. The three-pointed star sold a bunch but it hasn't be moving as strong, especially as younger demographics turn to the Tesla Model 3.

So, now what?

Being developed in parallel with the all-new S-Class, the next-gen C is expected to pull forward the same innovations seen in the big daddy Mercedes. By doing so, it is expected to challenge today's technological leaders.

This will include all-new, more powerful and fuel efficient powertrains, advanced autonomous driving up to 80 mph, Level 4 automated valet parking, the use of more screens inside the cabin and a much larger interior.

Captured in the latest spy shots, you can tell this all-new C has increased its footprint. Just examine the rear doors closely. There's a lot more glass and length to the rear doors that typically look smushed.

Aside from that, expect its exterior design to be an evolution of the current-gen model. As usual, it will follow the S-Class' lead. This will translate into a prominent front grille, squinted headlights and horizontal taillights as seen on the all-new S and refreshed E.

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...Having experienced a sharp drop in C-Class sales in recent years because of the universal gravitation of buyers towards SUVs, the German maker is providing the fifth-generation model with many of the developments being readied for the new S-Class. The new C-Class, codenamed W206, will challenge the recently facelifted Audi A4 and new BMW 3 Series when it arrives in UK showrooms in 2021. 

As evidenced by
the latest prototypes, the design of the new C-Class is a clear evolution of the styling seen on today’s model. Although its exterior features a new-look front end with more angular headlights, the new car’s proportions, dimensions and overall silhouette remain very close to those of the model it replaces...

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SPIED! FIRST Look At The 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class — BIG Changes Coming!

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