Regardless of the Porsche Taycan's faults, one thing I can admit straight away is that it is a helluva car. It is a Porsche, after all.

My big problem with it is it just isn't as good of a package as the Model S. You can mention build quality and performance but, frankly, that doesn't matter with electric vehicles.

It comes down to: 1) Price; 2) Range; and, 3) How long it takes to "juice up." That's it.

From early accounts it seems one thing is certain with the Taycan. It has electrifying performance — see what I did there?

In this review with Jay Leno, he spends an awful lot of time going over the vehicle and driving it. Also making an appearance is a Porsche representative, and friend of AutoSpies, Calvin Kim. As Leno has driven just about everything under the sun, his opinion carries weight in my book.

To see what Leno thinks, scope out the clip below.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: Jay Leno Gets Wheel Time With The All-new Porsche Taycan Turbo S — What's His VERDICT?

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