To me, it's funny how Uber has progressed. Originally, it was considered a novel idea for drivers and riders alike. Over the years, however, it's progressed into something a bit less than desirable.

If I am honest though, that doesn't stop me. I really like the service and app — I am a Platinum user.

It's not perfect though.

One Richmond, VA-based couple experienced that first hand. Apparently while on a ride in an Uber, their vehicle was rear ended. Rather than get the vehicle's plates, description, make/model and call 9-1-1, the driver had other plans.

He took it upon himself to act as a vigilante and chase the offending car down. He went full Batman, which includes running lights, breaking speed limits and even getting into another accident. All the while, the two passengers are in back asking to be let out and livestreaming the event on Facebook.

Talk about a nightmare. To get a gist of what transpired, see the CNN clip below.

Uber Driver Takes Passengers For The Ride Of Their LIVES As HE Chases Car That Hit Him! And They LIVESTREAM IT!

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