It was only last week I made my way to the reveal of the 2021 Cadillac Escalade. And although I got plenty of time with the all-new, full-size luxury sport-utility vehicle, I couldn't help but wonder: Well, what other tricks does General Motors have up its sleeve?

Clearly, GMC is brewing something interesting with an all-electric pick-up truck. Will GM slot that EV powerplant in the Escalade? What about a hybrid? What else is there coming down the 'pike?

How about even MORE performance?

While nothing has been confirmed, one creative Photoshop artist decided to use his skills to create a render of what an Escalade V could look like. Using elements from the now retired CTS-V, X-Tomi Design leveraged studio shots from last week's reveal to create the Escalade V.

Would YOU approve of THIS design?

For MORE of X-Tomi's brilliant work, click "Read Article" below to visit their Facebook page. There's plenty more where this came from!

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RENDERED! Would YOU Approve Of THIS Design If A 2021 Cadillac Escalade V Was Born?

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