Well, that escalated quickly.

Although it wasn't too long ago that we saw the Tesla Cybertruck for the very first time, there's a slew of competition popping up, left and right. At this point it's really a matter of delivering a compelling product to the market first.

While Tesla's customers are super loyal to the brand you have to keep in mind the commitment is super low — $100 refundable deposit.

During a Super Bowl ad spot, General Motors' effort became official. Dubbed the GMC Hummer EV, the commercial leveraged the star power of the NBA's Lebron James. So, now what?

Initial stats are impressive if they are true. Given GM's campaign, we can't imagine why they wouldn't be — unless, of course, the marque wanted to have egg all over its face. As a refresh, GM's claiming it will produce 1,000 horsepower, 11,500 lb.-ft. of torque and hit 60 mph in three seconds flat.

Aside from the front grille and silhouette, not much is know about the vehicle's design. We're thinking GM wants to keep it under wraps. This didn't stop the team at Car and Driver from imagining what it could look like, however.

That said, we've got to ask: IF the all-new GMC Hummer EV looks like THIS, will it be DOA against Tesla's extreme-looking Cybertruck?

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In an amazing twist of fate, General Motors' gas-guzzling middle-finger-flying Hummer brand, discontinued in 2010, is poised to make a comeback for 2022 as an all-electric subbrand of GMC. We know very little about the GMC Hummer EV pickup truck so far. But we do know that it will offer 1000 horsepower and GMC claims it's capable of blasting from zero to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds. Pickup trucks are clearly the next frontier for electric vehicles, as potential rivals from upstarts such as Rivian, Bollinger, and Tesla—as well as entrenched truckmakers such as Ford—are preparing their own entries in this emerging segment. The Hummer EV made its debut in a Super Bowl LIV commercial starring LeBron James...

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RENDERED! IF The All-new GMC Hummer EV Looks Like THIS, Is It DOA Against Tesla's Cybertruck?

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