Over the past year, Maserati has been slowly building hype over its all-new sports car. Frankly, it has to.

What else does Maserati have in its product portfolio that's even worth considering?

The Ghibli is dated and can't hold a candle to the latest midsize luxury sedans. The Quattroporte only competes with the Jaguar XJ for the worst large luxury sedan. The Levante is a big "So, what?" at this point.

So, this vehicle has a lot of pressure on its back already. Essentially, it needs to come out swinging as a halo car that helps put a new stamp on this ailing brand.

As of now there's conflicting reports. Perhaps it will leverage a V8, maybe a turbocharged six-cylinder engine. Maybe the vehicle is based off of the Alfa Romeo 4C's carbon tub, but stretched. It's all a bit early at the moment but one thing holds true: The company will be releasing its name as of today (February 20). Fingers crossed we get some more color.

A reveal is expected to happen in May.

That said, what would YOU name this all-new Maserati sports car in an attempt to restart the buzz for this legendary Italian marque?

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TEASED! Maserati's All-new Sports Car Gets A Name In HOURS — What Would YOU Christen It?

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