According to MotorTrend (MT), the all-electric all-wheel-drive 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S beats all previously tested battery-electric cars in the quarter-mile by .04 seconds. It holds the new time and speed records for the publication, at least in terms of fully electric vehicles based on MT testing.

The car enthusiast magazine states, the "previous battery-electric vehicle (BEV) record holder was the Tesla Model S P100D (aka "Plood") Ludicrous+ with its 10.51-second pass at 125.0 mph." However, the tested Taycan Turbo S went "a significant 5.7 mph faster with a 10.47-second, 130.7-mph pass."

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MotorTrend Declares Taycan Turbo S To Be The Fastest EV EVER Tested

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