In our last thread, we showed you how Maserati decided to announce the name for its all-new sports car. There was just one problem with that story. Details were lacking.

Thanks to the team at CAR magazine though, we've got some juicy information concerning the all-new MC20. It's all starting to come together, honestly.

According to its sources, the U.K.-based publication is saying the MC20 will debut with a 600+ horsepower six-cylinder powerplant. Mated to this will be an eight-speed, dual-clutch gearbox. Featuring a mid-engine setup, it will leverage a similar carbon fiber tub construction as seen with the Alfa Romeo 4C. it will be stretched to provide a more spacious cabin and larger footprint.

The goal? To attack entry-level Aston Martin, Ferrari and McLaren vehicles.

Even better. CAR is confirming that there will be a hybrid variant that will follow the six-cylinder engine. Featuring electric motors on the front axle for all-wheel drive, it will produce upwards of 700 ponies.

How does this ALL sound to you?

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...Our sources confirm a V6 powerplant for this new Maser range-topper, but it’s not yet clear which engine from the group could be deployed. The Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio’s 2.9-litre V6 is one option, but not favoured we hear...

...Instead, we hear rumours that the MC20 will share the V6 being developed for a pair of new Alfas: the new-generation
GTV and 8C sports cars. 

‘Displacement costs only pennies, but pays back big bucks in power and torque,’ said an FCA engineer when asked if there’s truth in the rumour Maserati is aiming for a capacity of 3.6 litres instead of the ubiquitous 3.0...

Even Modena cannot ignore the electrification revolution reshaping the industry and CAR magazine can confirm that Maser is working on hybridised versions of the MC20 too. Such a Trofeo model would add e-modules to the front axle to provide all-wheel drive, electric torque vectoring and upwards of 700bhp in range-topping spec...

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RENDERED + DETAILS! Maserati Is Swinging For The Fences With The All-new MC20, See How HERE!

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