There are some things you just have to see to believe.

Thanks to the digital age and the pervasiveness of cameras that are taking photos and video just about everywhere, we've seen some wild stuff. And just when we think we've seen it all, we only get surprised, again.

It's almost as if there's an endless supply of jaw-dropping happenings. The latest comes from my great state of New Jersey.

Apparently, a 43-year-old man decided that a school bus he was trailing wasn't picking up the pace while merging onto the Garden State Parkway. Rather than simply motoring on, this gem decided to pay the driver back with some street justice.

After the bus aimlessly merges onto the highway then into the next lane, the driver of the Veloster had enough. They overtake the bus and slam on their brakes to "brake check," the school bus driver.

That's actually insane.

Thankfully, no children were aboard the bus. Reckless driving charges were filed against the driver of the Hyundai.

A passenger car following a school bus onto the Garden State Parkway in Union County does a brake check. The bus driver narrowly avoids an accident after the aggressive move. (Video submitted by a reader from Middlesex County)

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