In the automotive review kingdom, it's not everyday that you get a journalist/writer deciding to make his personal life a part of the story. Well, that changed in this CAR magazine long-term review of the Honda CR-V Hybrid.

With a wife, daughter, newborn and a pup, we're talking about a full house here.

While most reviews stick to the product and its respective pros and cons, this one is different. That's because Alex's six-month update has a whiff of practicality to it. When the piece starts talking very specifically about car seats for children, that's when you know things just got real.

So, how does the Honda CR-V Hybrid do? See the six-month verdict, below.

...And now, with mother and newcomer back home, the CR-V is making a good case for itself as a serious contender for the title of ultimate family car. It has oodles of second-row space for our four-year-old and the newborn, while still leaving plenty of room for our dog and all the paraphernalia that comes with small children, babies and dogs. Even with the front seats adjusted for tall adults such as myself, row two is vast.

There are plenty of airbags and two Isofix points. We’ve got a combination of the Graco SlimFit for our four-year-old, chosen for its side impact protection, while the newborn has a Primo Viaggio i-Size, picked for its incredible safety ratings. We’re looking forward to plenty of safe and happy travels.

You’ll notice that my initial reservations about the combination of hybrid engine and CVT haven’t loomed large in this  report. That’s no oversight; the slight lack of pin-sharp dynamic excellence built into the powertain really doesn’t seem at all important when the car has so much else to offer.

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After SIX Months, How Does The Honda CR-V Hybrid Do As THE ULTIMATE FAMILY Hauler?

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