Across the globe, tensions are rising as it relates to anything concerning the highly contagious coronavirus. As the global outbreak continues to worsen, people are starting to reevaluate their plans.

The 2020 Geneva Motor Show (GIMS), however, is powering ahead.

The issue here is that Italy is awfully close by and, if you've been keeping track of headlines, northern Italy is having quite a problem with the illness. Case numbers are growing rapidly.

Organizers of the GIMS are undeterred. At the moment, its guidance is for any attendees who are from "at risk" geographies to self certify that they have not had coronavirus symptoms over the past 14 days. If not, you're free to attend. If so, please stay away.

With over 600,000 visitors, the Geneva show attracts a lot of traffic. Keep in mind that this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC), held in Barcelona with approximately 100,000 visitors, was cancelled this year due to the illness.

...Geneva International Motor Show managing director Olivier Rihs told the PA news agency that a decision to close the show could be taken up until the morning of the event, and throughout its run, but that currently “everything is going ahead as planned”.

He added: “The advice from the authorities here in Geneva is that the show can continue – and they are the only ones who can say yes or no to the show going ahead.

“We have had no exhibitors pull out. They are all here and building their stands.”

Asked if he felt it was responsible to continue to hold the show in light of the growing health crisis, especially as large areas across the border in Italy are quarantined, he said he felt it was...

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#GIMS: The Show WILL Go On! BUT If You Have Coronavirus Symptoms, STAY AWAY!

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