We're just days away from the kick off of the 2020 Geneva Motor Show (GIMS). 2020 is unlike previous years. With fears of coronavirus running high and an outbreak sweeping nearby in northern Italy, the show's officials are closely monitoring the situation.

As if the auto show circuit didn't already have immense pressure on it as it were.

Geneva Motor Show Preview

We love the Geneva show. There's a certain whiff of European flair to it. Mostly because the city is fantastic. It's just got that certain level of sophistication and intimacy that can't be replicated elsewhere aside from, maybe, Paris.

And then there's the cars. Geneva is always one of the big Euro shows where not only all-new production vehicles debut, but also many concepts will appear for the first time. Looking back, I love the Italdesign Giugiaro Parcour concept. Equipped with a Lamborghini V10 and boasting an extreme design it is truly unique.

What are YOU looking forward to with the 2020 Geneva Motor Show?

Geneva Motor Show Preview

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