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Bentley has not produced a two-seat auto since the 1930s. That may change now, apparently.

Slated for a 2020 Geneva Motor Show debut is an all-new Bentley. Dubbed the Bacalar, it certainly sounds vastly different from previous models like the Mulsanne, Flying Spur, Continental and Turbo R. Perhaps that's only one indication of a new era for Bentley Motors.

According to Bentley, this auto will lift heavily from the EXP 100 GT concept. Keep in mind it was an electric vehicle.

From what I can tell of the teaser image, the two-seat cabin appears to be based on the all-new Continental GT except it makes use of the cabin for luggage space, and features an all-new look care of the exclusive Mulliner division.

Stay tuned as we await more details of Bentley's latest car.

...The single teaser photo shows off the interior, which has two seats with what looks like some pretty fancy materials.

Not only will the selected materials ooze luxury, they'll be sustainable too, according to the limited amount of info we have so far. Matching the cabin will be a set of luggage also made from the same eco-friendly material options.

Bentley and Mulliner both said the Bacalar's overall design pulls from the EXP 100 GT concept car...

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#GIMS: TEASED! Bentley Is Up To SOMETHING With The Bacalar. WHAT, We Just Don't Know...YET!

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