From what we've heard, this month will bring the reveal of the 2021 Ford Bronco. This is one of the most talked about vehicles over the past 24 months and we're eagerly awaiting its debut.

Until then though, we've been receiving bits and pieces of information. As of now, the full picture is still a bit murky.

That said, another piece of the puzzle came to be over the past 24 hours. That would be the Bronco's paint palette. As you'd suspect, this is something that can make or break an auto's debut. Much like a pair of shoes, you've got to have the right color scheme and laces. These components can be the deciding factor if a product has explosive sales or lingers with deep inventory.

Thanks to the folks at FullSizeBronco, we've got the goods. See the 10 paints, below.

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The names of the colors for the Bronco have been revealed on the Automotive Touchup website.

For the 2021 Bronco, it appears Ford will be offering it in the following shades:

  • Antimatter Blue Metallic
  • Cyber Orange Pearl
  • Fighter Jet Gray
  • Carbonized Gray Metallic
  • Oxford White
  • Race Red
  • Lucid Red Pearl
  • Area 51
  • Absolute Black
  • Iconic Silver Metallic

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LEAKED! 2021 Ford Bronco Paints Unearthed BEFORE Its Reveal! See Them RENDERED For The FIRST Time!

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