For eons, it seems like the Batmobile may be one of Hollywood's most famous vehicles. While many movies have stars in form of cars, I don't think any other auto can hold a candle to Batman's.


Well, they're just so cool. And, in some cases, downright outrageous.

Recall in the Christopher Nolan series — my personal favorite — Batman rolled around in a tank-likee creation? This time it's going to be quite a bit different.

The Batman's Director, Matt Reeves, shared images of the all-new car via his Twitter account.

From what we can see it's clearly a muscle car that's been highly modified. Think Chevrolet Camaro or Dodge Challenger with a mid-engine setup and massively flared rear fenders that have a wing motif. Oh, and add a dash of Mad Max.

There you are!

So, what do YOU think?

REVEALED! The All-new Batmobile Is HERE! So, What Do YOU Think?

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