This week, the General Motors team hosted an event in Michigan to show the media its latest electric vehicles in development. I guess it would have been expected to see several or a handful.

Turns out GM's been going great guns at this. It had about 10 vehicles to share.

It ranges from an upgraded Chevrolet Bolt to a flagship Cadillac sedan to the latest GMC Hummer EVs — yes, that's plural. If you've been awaiting this news then buckle up. Below are some brief excerpts about two of the most important autos in our eyes. That would be the Cadillac Lyriq, which is a midsize SUV in EV form, and the GMC Hummer EV, which is the pick-up truck variant slated to go head-to-head with Tesla's Cybertruck.

On the Cadillac Lyriq:

...We knew the Cadillac Lyriq was on its way, but today we learned its name and saw it in full for the first time. Appearing to be about the size of the midsize Cadillac XT5, Lyriq has a grille similar to that of the Celestiq, with an illuminated Cadillac crest front and center. The glossy plastic “black crystal jeweled” grille features illuminated lines around the sides and across the bottom, with triangular lighting housings on either side. It’s fairly faithful to the rendering we’d seen before, but with more visible details. In the rear, we saw vertical lighting on either side of the rear glass extending downward before turning inward across the tailgate. Below that, we saw vertical lighting on both sides of the lower fascia as well...


 On the GMC Hummer EV:

...It’s tall, with the roof about eye-level compared to your 6-foot-tall author. The roof panels can be removed for topless driving, and they stow under the hood of the Hummer where the internal combustion engine would normally go.

We were surprised to see it has sail panels behind the C-pillar connecting the cab to the sides of the bed, looking a bit like a
Chevy Avalanche. The bed was hidden under a tonneau cover, but the truck’s rear appeared to incorporate the MultiPro tailgate we first saw on the GMC Sierra Denali...

All that said, I've got to ask: Does THIS sound like these vehicles are competitive or of interest to you? Or, is GM on track to botch the job?

What say you, Spies?

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