At this point it virtually does not matter where you're located. The coronavirus is making an impact.

Obviously, the hardest hit country is China. Following in its footsteps, however, are South Korea and Italy. And now it's starting to get its hooks in here in the US.

In the New York Tri-state area, folks have been sent into high alert, essentially. Some supermarkets and grocery stores have barren shelves. Looking for toilet paper? Need hand soap? Good luck finding it.

Major events, across the globe, have been cancelled. That includes the Geneva Motor Show, Baselworld and SXSW among many others.

For automakers, especially those dependent on China-based sales, it's been especially tough. Just look at shares of Ford and Tesla.

Ford ended the week at $6.49/share. Essentially, the equity price has cratered.

Tesla ended the week at $703.48/share. This is quite far off from its 52-week high of $968.99.

In one tweet, Tesla's Elon Musk shared his sentiment on the issue. See below.

Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with Musk?

Tesla's Elon Musk Offers A HOT TAKE On Coronavirus — Is He On Point Or WAY Off Base?

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