For years now it's been clear that the modern auto show as we know it has been becoming less and less important to auto manufacturers. Simply put, the industry has changed significantly.

These aren't the heydays of yore.

In addition, buyers have begun a different shift in the way they consume content about all-new products they buy. Simply put, people don't see the value in attending auto shows too much. It's become more of a social event than anything else.

And, some leading talking heads in the auto sector are suggesting that the coronavirus may be the final straw for many automakers. The more I think about it, the more I agree.

Just think: If you can capture a digital audience and use the media as your marketing megaphone, why would you spend 10s of millions of dollars on a stand and space for a two week show? Any budget owner or business owner would say "Pass."

What say you, Spies? Has coronavirus brought auto shows to their edge?

Several major car brands have launched new models exclusively online after the Geneva Motor Show was cancelled due to the coronavirus.

If the unveilings are seen as being successful it could mark a shift away from big industry events.

Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have live-streamed new models on their own channels as an alternative to the show.

Car makers have been hit hard as the virus has affected supply chains and consumer demand...

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Is Coronavirus The FINAL Straw That Will BREAK The Auto Show's Back?

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