If you've been following AutoSpies for some time, by now it should be painfully obvious. We're BIG fans of excellent products.

Whether it's auto- or tech-related, we love things that are exceedingly well thought out and prioritize class-leading design. So, it's not a surprise that we also are obsessed with great architecture. That includes homes, offices, hotels, event spaces and — again, obviously — garages.

It's one thing to have a cool space to showcase your vehicle(s). It's another to create the space for your auto.

It turns outs that there's a big-time movement coming online that focuses on creating garages unlike anything you've seen before. Highlighted in this story, we're pretty sure you've never seen garages quite like this.

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A common complaint about the plethora of high-end auto collectables that crowd the upper echelons of the car market is that very few are used and enjoyed. Despite manufacturers spending hundreds of millions to design, develop and build these strictly limited production runs, the most likely hypercar buyers are after profit, not performance, and will simply add their new acquisition to a roster of similarly outlandish machines and wait for inflation to do its work. 

As a result, the supercar builders are coming to the realisation that a luxury car is as much an objet d’art as a mode of transport, just as it’s long been accepted that many classics are simply too valuable to risk on the roads (let alone the track). New venture Superfuturedesign is proposing a simple solution this look-but-don’t-touch approach. Working with Italian consultancy ASZarchitetti Group, the studio has created the Supercar Capsule, an interior design service aimed specifically at blending high-end autos into the home...

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Thought You’ve Seen The ULTIMATE Garages? WRONG! Let Us OPEN Your Eyes...

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